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LJ Runway Monday: The Sky's the Limit (PR 6:7)

October 5th, 2009 (01:34 am)

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On the seventh episode of Project Runway, the designers were asked to create two looks in blue that could be part of Macy's INC. collection. The designers were given an INC. dossier before they sketched their designs.

I, of course, didn't see this dossier, but I did Google INC.'s line, and... How shall I say this tactfully? I was underwhelmed. There were a lot of leggings (UGH), odd late-seventies patterns and embellishments that reminded me of middle-aged priests out of their vestments, along with three-quarter-length sleeves, and... Okay, I'll just say it. INC. brought the dull! There was hardly any dress or separate that would make me stop and look at it hanging on the rack with a sigh of pleasure or a grab for my Macy's card.

Did this mean I should design something that might have hung in Macy's a couple of years ago and could now be found in Ross or Marshall's? I'm not criticizing those retailers, because I love a bargain as much as the next person. But as Lynne often says, just because you can find it cheap and in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.

To liven up the challenge for myself, I decided to look among my fabrics for things that would be a little playful and maybe retro, since on a recent trip to Macy's, I fell into a time machine that took me back to the 1970s. Staring at the racks, I expressed a wish to Tim that I could be thin again so I could wear those clothes. Then I hid the hash pipe and ate a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and a box of mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I'M KIDDING! I get my substances from a pharmacist with a prescription, like everybody else.

My first look, for Tamala, was a modified version of one of my favorite dresses to fit on Mattel's Top Models, the baby doll with a gathered neckline. I chose a Mediterranean blue for my enhancement of a pleated ruffle at the hemline, and a shinier version of the same color for the shoulder ties. The dress itself is a vintage pinwheel patterned cotton. A comfortable, casual look, this dress would be great for a weekend lunch date with a special someone or a group of friends.

With Rocky as my model, I designed a second look that would be appropriate for the office but still have a playful quality. I used a fabric with spirals that are a little more subtle than the usual celestial designs but that would be a good match for the mood of Tamala's baby doll dress.

The three-quarter-length sleeves fall in line with the INC. look. After work, the jacket can be removed for happy hour or dinner out.

Rocky's short-waisted bodice uses the same Mediterranean blue that's on Tamala's dress. The slit to the waist in the back, covered by the jacket during the day, provides the dress with its evening element.

Thanks for checking out my designs. See you next time on the runway!

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