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LJ Runway Monday: A Fashionable New Beginning (PR 6:8)

October 12th, 2009 (12:19 am)

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On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were presented with new models for the challenge. The "models" were all divorced women who walked onto the runway wearing their wedding dresses. (I wish I could still fit into mine!)

The designers were to take the wedding dresses and transform them into new looks that would fit the women's lifestyles. They had to use the wedding dress but could buy dye and a small amount of fabric to modify or enhance it. They also needed to take into account their divorcées' wishes about a new outfit.

I was glad not to use a Mattel Top Model, because I had the perfect doll for this challenge. Discarded and tossed into a bin of tangled toys at a dusty resale shop, she just needed a second chance. I brought her home, cleaned her up, and named her Maud (I had a grandmother named Maude, but I named my doll after Irish poet W.B. Yeats' muse, Maud Gonne).

My Maud needed something a little offbeat but still classy. Did I free her from bad wedding style?

Here's Maud wearing one of Mattel's current wedding dresses. Not hideous, but still...a wedding dress.

Every bride should feel pretty on her wedding day.
But the newly single shouldn't need to hide themselves away!

I removed the existing bodice from the dress. I used fabric to make a separate blouse, but took pieces of Maud's veil to give us a peek at her shoulders and back.  I edged the neckline with purple embroidery thread.

Using a stain called Orchid Pearl, I recolored the skirt of the wedding dress, cut it short, and altered its gathered waist with several small darts for a snug waistline.

I love the way the new color maintained the sheen of the fabric and is a perfect match for the blouse.

Now Maud is off to her new life.
And I'll see you next time on the runway!

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