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LJ Runway Monday: Final Collection at last

November 30th, 2009 (03:22 am)

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Were you starting to wonder if I'd ever really post this? Admit it. You thought I took all the cash and prizes for being the only person to actually do all the challenges of Project Runway's sixth season and hightailed it to Barbados. Well, that's JUST CRAZY. I've received no cash. No prizes. And I don't fly if I don't have to.

But I have been sewing. The theme of my final collection is "Leather and Lace." You're thinking I've done a bunch of Stevie Nicks stage costumes, aren't you? Again, CRAZY. I actually designed for her singing partner on that song, Don Henley. Nothing but jeans, black shirts, and Wayfarers.


My "Leather and Lace" is meant to showcase two things about women: Though we sometimes seem as delicate as lace, we have the supple strength of leather. From Flapper to Unflappable, Femme Fatale to Futurista, Dainty to Diva, Playful to Elegant--fashion is but a means we have of expressing ourselves. We are tough, we are feminine, and we have lots of shoes.

Ava in dress of silk chiffon, leather, and tulle in black, turquoise, and purple. Boots gift of Mark G. Harris.

Patricia in dress of red leather and silk chiffon with lace stockings. Boots made by me.

Susannah, my model muse, in silver leather and glittery organza dress. Boots of leather and silver sequins made by me.

Sarah in blue satin jacket and black leather skirt. Boots from Mattel.

Emily in green leather, lace, and tulle dress. Mattel shoes enhanced by me. This is my thirteenth look (the surprise part of the PR contestants' final challenge).

Gina in eggplant leather dress with indigo-blue beaded embellishments at the hem and straps. Mattel shoes enhanced by me.

Olivia in black leather dress with black sequin embellishment at top of bodice. Mattel shoes enhanced by me.

Lily in yellow lace and brown leather dress. Boots made by me.

Dandy wearing a blue lace dress with Mattel shoes enhanced by me.

Tajma wearing snakeskin-patterned suede-cloth pants and bolero jacket with an emerald lace blouse. Mattel shoes enhanced by me.

Toni dressed in a lavender lace blouse and eggplant purple leather shorts. Boots made by me.

Katie in a winter white leather swing coat over a dress with a winter white leather bodice, lavender tulle at the neckline and underskirt, and a winter white lace overskirt. Mattel shoes enhanced by me.

Natalie in cascading layers of white and black lace. The sequined band at the top of the bodice and the enhancements to her Mattel shoes are meant to be a match to Olivia's black leather dress.

Thanks for keeping up with my designs this season and for all your praise and comments. Thanks to Mattel's Birthstone Beauty Barbies and Susannah (a Mattel Top Model Summer, my eternal muse) for being such great dolls to dress.

A HUGE thanks to Tom, Tim, Lynne, Lindsey, Rhonda, and Kathy S for creative input, commentary, and staging assistance.

Maybe we'll see you in January on the runway!

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Okay, full disclosure. The "leather" fabrics are either suede cloth or pleather. To sew leather on a 1:6 scale is not going to happen in Becks's workroom. This is known as "willing suspension of disbelief" and helps keep your mind in shape for reading fiction. Namely, MY fiction. Which also makes great holiday gifts.


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