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December 17th, 2009 (12:48 am)

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Now that most of my holiday cards have been mailed out and I'm receiving them (oh, I'm receiving such GOOD ones, too; I know a few little card elves who need e-mail), and now that almost all my shipping is done (NIGHTMARE! IN THE RAIN! TWO POST OFFICES!), I've been sort of indifferent about decorating.

When Tom got home from work Wednesday, he decided it was a good night to put up the tree and string the lights, a sort of pre-decorating activity. No definite plans yet for when we'll hang ornaments, but whenever my Two Jew Crew, their mistress, Miss Sugar, and Lynne with Santa's helpers, Sparky and Minute, want to give it a whirl--Thursday night? Friday night?--I'm game. There will be snacks. And probably Starbucks.

Wait; what? Your Jewish friends don't help you decorate your Christmas tree? Maybe you should ask them! It's a Compound holiday tradition, along with some others. Like digging Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus out of storage and setting up their workshop (photo to come).

And the annual photo of the new sleigh bell:

And, of course, a big party with notable guests such as:

The 1993 Holiday Barbie and her escort, a slightly modified Beverly Hills 90210 Brandon Walsh.

It feels like my heart may be growing three sizes.


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