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The Christmas Coasters

December 26th, 2009 (11:26 pm)

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I first talked about the Christmas coasters in 2005. Part two of that year was here.

In 2006, it happened like this.

The drama continued in 2008. By Christmas's end, Lynne had the coasters, and I had much to fear when Tom and I went to Green Acres this year on Christmas afternoon. Among other gifts, I got my traditional ugly pig ornament from Jess and Laura. I got all kinds of other good stuff. By the time we finished exchanging presents, what I did NOT get was the coasters. FREE FOR ANOTHER YEAR. Or at least until my birthday in March.

Then I heard those dreaded words from Lynne: "There's another package next to the TV."

I KNEW it. With much anxiety, I took the package. But it was light--way too light to have coasters in it. And so was my heart, until I opened the package and...

Damn. It was the little wooden coaster holder, with the first clue of a treasure hunt taped to it.

"If I don't follow the clues, I don't end up with the coasters," I said, feeling all smug.

"If you don't follow the clues, you don't get your big present," Lynne said.

But I'd ALREADY gotten a bunch of presents, including what I thought was my big present, a rotary cutting mat and cutter to help me with next year's Project Runway challenges. Because if there's anything Lynne, like many of my talented friends, will do, it's encourage my creativity.

Coasters...another present...coasters...another present...

I followed clues that took me--picking up a coaster at each stop--from the freezer to Lynne's recipe book, to the garden shed, to the garage, to the mailbox, to the cake pan closet, and finally to Lynne's bedroom, to her mother's old jewelry box (which Lynne accidentally shot with her shotgun, but that's another story). So I'm looking in this poor, battered jewelry box for something small, while Tom, Lynne, Jess, Laura, and even Lila and the dogs are rolling their eyes behind me. Because the present that I was totally missing was MUCH LARGER--it couldn't even fit in a breadbox, much less a jewelry box.

Here, my shiny new present from Lynne is being shown off by the wooden artist's model Tim gave me (and he's standing on my cutting board).


It was definitely worth getting those freaking coasters back. There's always next year, after all, and until then, I DID give Lynne this precious little item I found in a junk store. Heh heh.


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