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Hump Day Happy--Where Did the Day Go Edition

January 6th, 2010 (05:03 pm)

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I don't cook with grease for seasoning the way my mother and aunts did. It's not healthy. I usually don't cook my vegetables to death, either. But I do occasionally want some bacon grease for my cornbread skillet, and if there will be any old-school Southerners at my table, I like to add a bit of flavor to peas or beans with it, too. (Aside: After a hurricane, when you're without power and have to cook all your food so it won't go bad, if you fry your okra in bacon grease, even Mark G. Harris will eat it. Should any of you ever be in that situation when Mr. Harris is a guest in your home. Your hurricane-impacted home. Did I mention there was a hurricane?)

I have confessed on here before that I usually buy my own Christmas presents and tell Tom his part is to wrap them. I know that doesn't sound exciting, so this year I decided to live dangerously. I told him to buy creative things to put the presents IN. Decorative boxes and such. Proving that men do, in fact, sometimes hear what we say, he remembered that I sometimes opined about the good old days when I, and other family members, used to keep little containers designed for filtering and saving bacon grease. Tom went to an antique store--this is NOT to say that my family members and I are antiques; I'm thirty-five--and found this adorable container to hold one of my presents, which I thought was quite clever.

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