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LJ Runway Monday: The Fashion Farm (PR 7:2)

January 24th, 2010 (11:04 pm)

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On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were given the challenge of creating a party look from a burlap potato sack. They could use dyes, trims, and other embellishments, but the largest part of the design had to be from burlap. Since the models would be wearing the designs to an industry event, they were the designers' clients for this challenge.

Summer's agent once again had bad news for me. Summer had to rush to the bedside of her ailing, elderly aunt, so she couldn't be my model this week.


Fortunately, Ava, one of Mattel's Birthstone Beauties who helped present my final collection last season, was available and willing to be my client. Could I prove true the old adage that a woman as beautiful as Ava would look good in a potato sack?

I had no desire to hide the fact that my fabric was burlap. I once voluntarily used raffia in a challenge (Hi, Mark!), so creating a burlap outfit didn't daunt me at all. First, I removed burlap threads from the fabric and braided them with silver cord, sewing the braided strands into the yoke of a cocktail dress.

To make Ava's stockings, I used a wide-mesh silver to mimic the loose weave of the burlap.

The straight dress falling from the empire waist doesn't have to be tight to show Ava's slender figure.

I made a purse of burlap covered with the same silver mesh I used for the stockings.
I also put beads on Ava's purse and shoes to repeat the stones of her earrings and necklace.

The total look:

I think Ava will look fantastic mingling with the movers and shakers of the fashion industry.

Last week, I meant to thank Lynne for the fabric. The faux fur of that design is from fabric she gave me in 1994, and the dress material was included in some fabrics she gave me in November. This week, Lindsey donated the burlap that I used, and Tim told me how to soften it so it would be easier to work with. Thank you, Lynne, Lindsey, and Tim.

And thanks to all of you who keep looking at and commenting on my designs. It's more fun for me when I know it's fun for you! See you next time on the runway.

And for previous designs this season:

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