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January 30th, 2010 (05:13 pm)

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Meesh posted her look for Project Runway's burlap challenge here. Check it out! Her model from last week, Merisel, has a lot of personality. I wonder how she and Figaro would get along?

We had such fun on Thursday night--with a birthday dinner here for Lindsey, followed by watching Project Runway amidst much snarking. This season is so much better than last season. Yay, PR, for getting your groove back!

I failed to take a lot of photos, but thought you might enjoy a few of the ones I managed. Afterward, Lynne spent the night, so I got to hang out with her dogs Friday while she was at work. (If you've been reading me, you already saw their photo in my Photo Friday submission.)

Tom also held up all my paintings one by one for everyone to see. This is the first time anyone's seen all eighteen finished. I think it's best not to put them online until after Té House of Tea exhibits them in February. I'm not planning on an "opening"--it's very hard to schedule things with such busy local friends--but I do hope to spend a lot of my time at Té during the month and will let people know via e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook just in case anyone wants to stop by while I'm there. It's such a cozy place to read, write, or just explore the Internet on my laptop--plus they have GREAT tea and food. They're also cooking with locally-grown fresh food on Saturdays. What a jewel they are in our neighborhood.

My designs are done and ready for me to photograph and post tomorrow. I just need to finish Ragtime (such a good book) and cook chili to fight back against the cold snap.

Lindsey's birthday dinner included David's recipe for ziti with two cheeses and some oh-so-good baked chicken. (Chicken breasts dipped in melted butter, then rolled in a mixture of bread crumbs, grated Parmesan cheese, one package of Italian seasoning mix, and one package of buttermilk ranch seasoning mix, cooked at 350 until juices run clear.) Sides of tossed salad and garlic bread.

Birthday girl looks happy.

Oh, how I cracked myself up with this cake. Not that Lindsey NEEDS firemen to put out her candles at her age, but firemen! Action figures! To relive the night when the hot water heater caused a fire at RubinSmo Manor during the Christmas holidays! Fun for everyone. Well, almost everyone.

Then it was fun with hats. Rhonda started us off with Viking Opera Lady.

And Lindsey gave us Pouting Unicorn.

Sadly, nobody answered my request for Madonna: The Gautier Years.

Friday, as I was working at my computer, I kept sensing a presence at my feet. Finally I looked over the arm of my chair. I'm happy to say that it wasn't a rat, just Paco taking advantage of my little space heater. Anyway, The Compound rats are bigger than a chihuahua.


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