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Pitter patter of little feet at The Compound

February 6th, 2010 (10:08 pm)

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Today was adoption day for Scout's Honor, the animal rescue organization where Tim volunteers and through whom he fostered EZ, Tyson, Dexter, Maverick, and Pixie, with some overnights from several other dogs along the way. Once Tim adopted Pixie, putting the forever dog count on The Compound at four (including his Rex, and Tom's and my Margot and Guinness), I think we knew future fosters could probably be only for weekends and shorter visits. he texted me a photo of a couple of little rescues whose mom could no longer take care of them. At eight years and eight pounds each--well, I have a soft spot for this breed. So for at least a time, until they either find a great foster setup or the ideal forever home, we'll hear the tiny clicking of mini-dachshund nails on the hardwoods again.

Meet Esther and Amber:

Margot and Guinness think they're pretty silly, but so far, everyone gets along.

They like to sleep on the dog bed on my office floor, but right now, they're burrowing UNDER a dog mattress inside the largest crate. To show that they don't sleep all the time, I made a minute-long video of the sisters at play. They are two very sweet little girls who any home would be lucky to adopt.

Overall, I'd say I really like this weekend a LOT better than the same weekend last year. In 2009, it was great to see Greg and have king cake, but this year, Tim is safe at home with Rex and Pixie and that's the best gift of all.


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