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Good grief

February 9th, 2010 (10:30 pm)

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I have been trying to post ALL day but keep getting distracted. I have the attention span of--squirrel!

There was an odd noise this morning somewhere in the bungalow. Tom said it sounded like a weird gurgling in the hot water heater. I thought it sounded like an armadillo doing calisthenics in the refrigerator. It's possible it may have been the sound of life ending for some rats in the attic (Namaste, rats). But nobody's going up there until Exterminator 2: Judgment Day plays here in a few days.

Poor Margot has a sick foot and had to go to the vet. Tim picked her up after her appointment and also brought The Big H for a visit.

A rat for me to play with?!?

I love rats!

Tasty, tasty rats.

The wienerbrats were MOSTLY good girls today. They picked up a few bad habits from whoever raised them, but I firmly believe that you CAN teach old dogs new behaviors, so I'm working on it. One thing they must stop doing is terrorizing Pixie. Just because she's five times their size doesn't mean she doesn't get her feelings hurt when they conspire, then on a signal none of the rest of us sees, full-on charge her with ears flapping and gums yapping.

Tim gave me these gorgeous flowers last week for no apparent reason. I like to think we were celebrating a year of lung health and no smoking at The Compound.

On Monday, I colored another angel while talking to Denece on the phone. I think of this one as the Watermelon Angel.

This photo is for no reason except I like seeing the designs adding up and grouped. I understand why they keep the finished designs on dressmaking forms in the Project Runway work room. It provides a sense of progression along with completion.

Everything about the show this season is better for me, including my own relearning to sew with a machine (and being competent at it! Suck it, dubious former home ec teachers!). I met the most adorable couple at Jo-Ann Fabrics the other night--very young and enthusiastic about everything. He bought her a sewing machine so she could learn to sew (because she wants to), and they were having a blast shopping for stuff together. It's always so fun to see people enjoying the moment, without worrying where an interest might lead--maybe this is a lesson children and dogs can teach us. (Did you doubt I could find a theme for this post?)


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