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LJ Runway Monday: Run for Cover (PR 7:5)

February 14th, 2010 (09:52 pm)

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On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were asked to create a look for a very special client: PR's own Heidi Klum! Even better, Heidi would wear the winning design on the April cover of Marie Claire magazine.

When I heard about this wonderful opportunity, I knew exactly who I wanted to dress for the runway. So I was almost sad to hear from Summer. What if she wanted to be my model for this challenge? Turns out she was just e-mailing to say hello and send a photo that was taken as she was leaving for her Valentine's Day weekend getaway.

So who would be wearing my design on the runway?

Heidi Klum, of course. I began with the patterned organza fabric that you see on the top ruffle of the skirt, matching it with a beautiful royal blue dupioni silk.

The design is actually two pieces. I used the silk for the tank top, leaving the sleeves slightly capped to dress it up a little. The skirt falls from a tight silk band at the waist, with a top layer of organza.

I ruffled the silk for the bottom layer of the skirt. The finished design evokes Hollywood's version of an early 1960s woman--organdy apron worn over an upscale frock while she prepares dinner for eight, serves cocktails to her guests, and never lets them see her sweat. As a nod to that era, I accessorized with pearls, vintage Mattel gloves, and royal blue shoes that are a reproduction of Mattel's original slides.

Normally the back shot is when I say, "See you next time on the runway." But tonight, I did something a little special. If you click on the photo below, then click once--or even twice--again, you can easily read the cover of my mock-Marie Claire. None of those articles actually exist, so I really have no idea what your doctor isn't telling you.

Rest in peace, Alexander McQueen. Thank you Lisa S for the car in Summer's photo, and Lindsey and Rhonda for the organza fabric used for the dress.

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