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Button Sunday--I mean Monday

March 1st, 2010 (02:20 am)

current mood: exhausted

New computer--all my button photos are on the other computer, so here's a very delayed button for you:

It's very strange to be relearning Mac. Back in [year redacted], my first PCs in the workplace and home were Macs. Then Faux Mac, a/k/a Windows, came along and I lied--yes, LIED--and said I knew Windows so I could get temp jobs. Windows was, after all, just Mac Lite, and former employers, SUCK IT, because I excelled at all my Windows applications thanks to Mac's brilliant software and set-up.

But, oh, the bad habits I've learned over the years. The first thing I had to do was set up my mouse to right click because I'm lost without it. I need to relearn some key commands.

If you've been wondering why I'm not online, it's because I have this new toy to explore and learn. A very expensive toy, but since I had to destroy my zero credit debt for a new washing machine (old one died after eighteen years) and a new refrigerator for Tim's apartment (his was our old one and is dying after fifteen years), I figured I might as well replace my desktop, which has been threatening to die for several months now. (Occasionally, guests at The Compound ask, "What is that NOISE?" and I have to tell them it's the sound of the last stages of life of a computer two rooms away. A computer that has years and years of photos stored on it, which are fortunately now backed up to an external hard drive--and some of them will eventually end up on the Mac--including those button photos.)

Remember that Margot had to go to the vet because of a hurt paw? She CHEWED half the pad off a toe on another paw, so Tom rushed her to the vet Saturday morning before they closed. Result:

I haven't let anyone tell her this is the Cone of Shame, but she's still disgruntled--and her attitude isn't helped at all by daily foot soaks and ointment applications.

I have a ton of photos I've taken over the last few days and some stuff to write about, including cowboys and art and dolls and friends. But for right now, since Project Runway was a rerun and I didn't have to sew a design this week, I'll leave you with a doll photo that's part of a household reorganization and storage project I've undertaken involving my doll collection--and a definite fashion statement.

A 1991 MC Hammer doll by Mattel; New Kids on the Block Joe doll, Hasbro, 1990;
1984 Michael Jackson doll from Mjj Productions of Ljn Toys, Ltd.
Can't touch this!


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