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With a little help from my friends

March 10th, 2010 (02:11 pm)

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Letting you know in advance: This post has several links. All are work safe.

Back when I was working on the True Colors paintings to show at Té House of Tea in February, several people asked to see the paintings. All eighteen paintings are now viewable online at True Colors.

Art can be expensive, I know, but the small paintings on my One Word Art site are not only affordable, but a percentage of every painting sold goes to an AIDS/HIV assistance organization. The specific organizations I support are listed on the True Colors link above.

I'm slowly developing a new series, an abstract look at one of my obsessions, windows. The first in this series was a gift to Lindsey for her birthday:

Untitled, No. 1

The second in the series is the painting I talked about last week, "Every Moment Is a Window." It will hang in Austin during the week of March 16 as part of Creative Fidelity: A collaborative art exhibition examining themes relating to emotional work--artwork with elements of desire, passion, exciting creative energy and innovation. This installation has been arranged by Stagira Studios as part of SxSW.

Every Moment Is a Window

I'm very grateful to everyone who's been supportive of my fledgling efforts to move to larger works and be more public with what I paint. For those who went by Té during February, including Alan and Amy, thanks! Lindsey arranged a quick meet-up at Té at the end of February, and not only did Houston artists Jennifer Mathis and Gilbert Ruiz attend, but Lindsey's good friend and TJB reader Kramer was there, along with The Big H and the President and CFO of Hanley, Inc.; Tom, Timothy, and Rhonda (needing a good tea pick-me-up after an early-morning softball game); Lynne and Lila, looking like one of my Top Models with her bold choice of mod apparel and multi-layered tulle skirt; and Super Couple John and Matt. I had an inkling that Johnny and Matt were hoping for a glimpse of Summer, so I was pleased when she put in an appearance--and so was she, when she got to meet their friend Valentine.


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