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LJ Runway Monday: Hey, That's My Fabric (PR 7:10)

March 28th, 2010 (11:12 pm)

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On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were given the opportunity to create their own fabrics. Each designer was presented with an HP All-in-One Desktop PC to use to create a textile design, then their designs were digitally printed on fabric overnight. I was dazzled by some of their creations and found myself at odds with the judges' evaluation of who had the winning and losing designs. I believe my views were more in line with Tim Gunn's and am starting to wonder if Nina and Michael aren't being deliberately difficult for some nefarious reasons of their own. Stay tuned, huh?

Unfortunately, I don't have an HP All-in-One Desktop PC at my disposal, nor do I have a budget for getting fabric digitally printed. What I do have is fabric, brushes, and lots of paints. I WISH I'd remembered to take a photo of my fabrics after I painted them and before I cut them to my patterns, but I overlooked that step. Here are the scraps, however, if that helps you visualize an early phase of my process.

As always, you can see my paintings on the One Word Art and True Colors pages.

I know it will shock you to learn that Summer was once again unavailable for this challenge. Her agent mumbled something about shooting a Volvo commercial and having a cold one, whatever that might mean.

The stunning Laura Lee steps out from behind the screen in the outfit that was my canvas.

I'm fond of this three-panel dress style and haven't used it since the first season of Runway Monday,
when I fashioned it from red silk dupioni for a dress in my final collection.
Laura Lee's outfit uses a thicker fabric, and I think the construction and print of the dress work well together.

Laura Lee removes her bolero jacket to show the strapless neckline of the dress.
With the jacket, the outfit is suitable for business.

Without the jacket, it easily transitions into a great dress for cocktails after work.

Her only jewelry is a two-strand choker with stones that repeat the dress's colors.

The purse and slides are from one of the Barbie Basics accessories collections.

In the back, the cut-out V fastens at the top.

For the daytime look the jacket covers the V back.

Merging art and fashion made this one of my favorite challenges ever.
See you next time on the runway!

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The dark blue fabric I used as my "canvas" was a gift from Kathy S. The purse and shoes from the Basics accessories pack were gifts from Timothy J. Lambert.


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