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Hump Day Happy

March 31st, 2010 (02:50 am)

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currently hearing: Chris Isaak--Wicked Game

How do you talk to a giraffe with one ear?

You're talking to a toy? That's just crazy.

Two hundred-plus dolls in the attic agree with me.

However, to humor you, if you give me a page number between 1 and 611, and another number between 1 and 25, we'll pretend it's the giraffe looking up something in this book to make you happy. Because as Emily Dickinson wrote, The Possible's slow fuse is lit by the Imagination.


If you own any of the books in the opposite side bar and would like them signed, mail them to:
P.O. Box 924104
Houston, TX 77292
Please include three dollars for return postage. Thank you.

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