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Craft Night

April 4th, 2010 (12:01 am)

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Because of so many other things going on, we haven't had Craft Night at The Compound for a few weeks. Friday night, The Brides came over. Tom sketched while Lindsey began painting her boot (her "boot" being that thing she seems to wear a couple of times a year after ankle injuries--so why not, in her words, "pimp it out?"), and Rhonda knitted. I usually take Friday nights to work on my Project Runway design, but I actually finished that on Thursday night within a few hours after the show aired.

Jo-Ann Fabrics had a big sale on sample squares of fabric items they're discontinuing, and I picked up a bunch of squares that, yes, can be used for doll fashion. However, on Friday night, I also used some of those samples to make these four throw pillows for our bed:

Flip side of pillows.

Give a woman a sewing machine, and she'll fish for a lifetime, or something like that. ;)


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