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LJ Runway Monday: Sew Much Pressure (PR 7:11)

April 5th, 2010 (12:15 am)

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On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, Heidi Klum told the designers that she was glad she wasn't in their shoes. Their assignment was to create a red carpet look for a celebrity who was known to be very demanding and sometimes difficult--Heidi herself!

I've designed for Heidi more than I've designed for Summer this season, but I thought I'd give it another shot. Once again, Summer's agent told me that my favorite model wasn't available for booking. In the agent's words, "Summer will be rolling with the Easter Bunny-in-Chief this weekend." I'm not certain what that means, but I am sure she'll look fantastic doing it.

Heidi happily agreed to model for me once again. She's a trooper. Or else she's just glad I didn't decide to not finish the season. That's not a criticism of the designer who left the show. If she didn't feel driven to complete the season, and especially if she wasn't certain her work was at a point to show at Bryant Park, she did the right thing. It worked out well for Anthony.

So how did this week's challenge work out for me?

I chose a flocked blue taffeta for the dress.

The embellishment on one shoulder is a cut-out from the dress fabric.

I've used blue for Heidi before, but the more subdued shimmer of this fabric was red carpet-ready.
She has the perfect figure for this silhouette.

A close-up of the back to show another cut-out embellishment.

The pattern of the dress has just enough detail; elaborate shoes or jewelry beyond her earrings would only be distractions.

See you next time on the runway!

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