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April 7th, 2010 (04:42 pm)

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It has come to my attention that some of my readers feel cheated that I never posted anything about my thirty-fifth birthday. It was a wonderful day. Aside from a pile of funny and sweet cards (some with gifts of the spending kind!), texts, e-mails, calls, packages, and the like, I enjoyed a happy evening with friends.

Me, Tom, and Tim
Lynne, Lindsey, Rhonda

sitting in front of a pile o' grilled steaks, baked potatoes, salad, and garlic bread that they all brought and cooked without my assistance. All I had to do was eat! It was DELICIOUS. Kathy S arrived later with a wonderful plug-in candle for scented candle tarts that are also delicious (smelling).

Sometime in February, I saw a sign on Blockbuster that announced the release of the New Moon DVD on March 26--my actual birthdate in both my birth country and the country known as "Texas," where I now live. Seemed like a sign that my birthday should be sparkly and wolfy, so I suggested a Twilight-themed birthday. I know it's not cool to like the Twilight movies unless you're thirteen or some dirty middle-ager with a Robert Pattinson and/or Taylor Lautner obsession. I don't really fall into either of those categories 'cause though I'm middle-aged--thirty-five is middle-aged, right?--neither actor rocks my world, though I think they are both handsome lads.

I let it be known what gifts I HOPED to find under the birthday tree, and because people are afraid of me nice and generous, I got what I wanted.

It began with a card with those Cullen kids.

Tom had heard that some of Mattel's Jacob Black dolls had their tattoos printed upside down, so he checked every doll at the retailer where he bought mine, hoping to find an "off" one. He didn't, so then he picked the one that he thought had the best hair. It's a cool guy who'll go to all that effort to find his wife the right doll--I'm sure if anyone saw him shopping, they figured he either really spoils his 'tween daughter or he's one of those dirty middle-agers with a Taylor Lautner obsession. No way! He likes redheads. And just because I think he deserves to be treated as well as he treats me, here's a photo of one of his favorite redheads.

If they made a "Lauren Fenmore" doll, Tom, I'd get her for you. She could hang out with Jacob. For now, Jacob has joined his friends Edward and Bella, and they're all standing next to a cool card Marika had custom-designed for me. In case you can't read it, it says, "Once you go pack... you never go back." Marika is so Team Jacob.

And of course, I got the New Moon DVD from Tim. We all watched it that night. I admired the self-control of those who watched with less forgiving eyes than mine. They kept the snark and ridicule to a minimum. Actually, it's possible a couple of them were quiet because they dozed off. It was probably all that food that made them snoozy. And cake.

My cake, baked and decorated by Lynne. Inside, it's chocolate with a red velvet center. Like BLOOD! She based the cake on the pictured book cover.

Another couple of gifts that I'm really enjoying:

The Vogue book, from Lindsey and Rhonda, was a nice companion to another of their gifts, the documentary The September Issue, about Anna Wintour and Vogue's 2007 fall-fashion September issue. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. And the book. The book of 60s photos, from Lynne, is excellent and no doubt her effort to give me information about a decade that came before 35-year-olds were on the planet. I can use it for research! Seriously, the photos are an amazing summary of a decade filled with turbulence and change and even some good things along the way.

And as a final gift from Tim reminds us, it's always important to accessorize.

Thank you to all of you who made my day special from all over the world!

ETA: The extras disk that comes with the New Moon DVD is a fun look at how they shot the stunts, action scenes, and did some of the CGI effects--including how they make Edward's skin sparkle.


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