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April 29th, 2010 (03:46 pm)

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I was called for jury duty the other day. I didn't get picked. I didn't even get called to a panel for the voire dire process. Several cases were settled and I was among prospective jurors sent home. Doesn't matter to me whether I serve or not; I'm not a jury duty hater. I was amused when the bailiff made an announcement that someone's car was in a judge's space on the third floor of the parking garage and it would behoove that person to move the car ASAP. I guess it's not good to piss off a judge. It's also apparently a bad idea to piss off a veterinarian.

I shot that photo when Tim and I played fashion photographer to some Scout's Honor dogs last week. They were saved from death row and OMG, CUTEST DOGS EVER. If you want to see some of their happy faces, check out the Scout's Honor Flickr group where we share their photos. I'm assuming at least some of them, along with other great dogs, will be available at this weekend's Scout's Honor Adoption Day in the Heights, Saturday, May 1, from 10am to 3pm, at 1128 Heights Boulevard (between 11th and 12th Streets), Houston.

Just to entice you, a favorite of my photos:

Brew, totally posing for Tim.

April 28 is the birthday of my late friend Steve R, and as I have every year since he died, I enjoyed chocolate cake with friends. That's what he did on his last birthday in the hospital in 1992, and I love honoring his life each year with the laughter and good feelings that exist among friends. The group around the table may change from year to year, but he's always remembered.

However, I think you should know that anticipation can lead to jazz hands:

Kathy S, Tim, and Lindsey

Among our Christmas gifts from my sister Debby was a beautiful fantasy puzzle that Tom finished last week with very little help from the rest of us (although Lindsey, puzzle hater, did place three pieces, and I swooped in when all the hard work was done and found some key pieces to make myself look clever):

I shot this photo before I took it apart. I'm sending it and the Lord of the Rings puzzle we got last year from Rob E to Debby for her to do while recovering from back surgery. Because back surgery is not torturous enough. =) Get well soon to my favorite sister!


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