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May 7th, 2010 (01:38 pm)

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One of the best purchases I ever made was my CR-V, Jet, in April of 1998. I learned from past car mistakes and have taken good care of Jet with regular maintenance, oil changes, and cleanings. At twelve, he's weathered some dramas and isn't the fresh young thing he used to be, but he's still my favorite car I've ever had and I'm not even remotely interested in trading him for some whippersnapper with a shiny finish. We've driven to Mendocino, California and back. To Portland, Maine and back. To Ohio, New York, Tennessee, Alabama, Utah, Minnesota, Georgia, Louisiana, and all over Texas--a lot of highway miles.

Last week, I realized Jet was about to reach an important milestone, and I hoped I'd be with him, but I knew it was just as likely that Tom or Tim would be and probably wouldn't even notice. This morning when I woke up, I felt compelled to go check him out before Tom used him for an errand. Because it MIGHT still be possible...

Here's what I saw.

So, like any White Trash Princess, still wearing my nightgown, I grabbed my keys and my license, invited the dogs for a ride, put on my seatbelt, and away we went. About three-tenths of a mile later, we all pulled over and celebrated together:

Happy birthday, Jet, and I look forward to as many more miles with you as you'll give me. Here's a photo Tom took of us on our first day together:


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