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It's been a week already!

May 25th, 2010 (04:23 pm)

current mood: nostalgic

My favorite interchange of the last week (a nod to our friend James), as I thanked Tim for bringing me the Honda emblem that he spotted lying on the ground after the wreck:

Tim: Will next be seen in a shadowbox.

Me: With a poem written about it.

On Saturday, Tom and I went to the repair lot to empty out Jet after he was officially declared totaled. Of course, I took photos. I also thanked Jet for taking such a hit--he was a lot more damaged than I'd understood him to be--yet still protecting his three precious passengers.

I want to thank everyone who's sent e-mails, called, Tweeted, or checked in on Facebook. Tim and I opted not to give details and to keep our comments closed on LJ because other vehicles/property/people are involved. You never want to put anything on the Internet that could be misconstrued.

Something that made me laugh: A couple of years ago, I noticed that Jet had lost a reflector from his bumper. When I took him in for his regular servicing, I asked the dealer to replace it. Now anyone with sense knows this is a bad idea, right? Because a part that costs less than ten dollars will run you about the equivalent of two tanks of gas if you let the dealer put it on. Boy, was I bitter.

So when Tom took me to the scene of the accident on Saturday and I spied THIS in the gutter, I was all MINE!

It'll add color to that shadowbox.

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