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30 Days of Creativity: Day 22

June 22nd, 2010 (08:47 pm)

current mood: lethargic

Today, I went back to Keri Smith's wonderful This is Not a Book, page 156:

Braving the mosquitoes and the heat to go on my adventure, I came to a stop sign, walked ten more steps, and looked down at:

My feet (with professionally polished toenails, because there's nothing like a good pedicure)
Gravelly asphalt with some dead leaves
A bed of beautiful, pale yellow lantana

I do love lantana, and it's very forgiving of our heat and soil. We used to have some come up next to the house, but after we turned that area into a stone-covered walking path, it hasn't come back. I think it will; it just needs to find a way past The Oleander That WIll Not Die. (I secretly congratulate the oleander, even though I know if we let it go unchecked, it's reaching its poisonous branches toward Tim's windows, seeking vengeance for that day.)

For 30 Days of Creativity. Photo shot with my Nikon; I added the Polaroid effect using Picnic.


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