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How do they KNOW?

June 24th, 2010 (05:16 pm)

current mood: sick

I'm reading this book that Laura C loaned Tim. On the cover is a portrait of a man and a dog. I made Tim SWEAR to me when he loaned me the book that no dog dies, and I don't know if he's read it, but he said he'd already gleaned that information before offering it to me.

Still, the book is REALLY pulling my heartstrings. I have a cold (who doesn't HATE a summer cold?), so I've been taking it easy today. I was lying on the bed without a dog in sight (although Margot was under the bed composing her latest poem called Are Tim's Dogs Ever Going Home?), when I decided to close the book so I could get up and start dinner. Except as I closed the book, the story overcame me and I let out this kind of snuffle, and suddenly three dogs arrived from different parts of the house to kiss my face and squirm under my hands and wag and nuzzle and let me know that they were there and all was well.

After I thanked them and they dispersed, Margot came out from under the bed to advise me that she'd been ready just in case the pack didn't meet expectations.


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