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Eight more days!

July 21st, 2010 (02:10 am)

current mood: excited

I suddenly realized that it's only eight more days until the return of my second favorite (and maybe the only one I'll watch this fall) reality show, Lifetime's Project Runway. It's moving up an hour (9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, which means 8 p.m. Central--and I don't know what time Mountain people can see it) on Thursday nights. The format is ninety minutes, but details haven't been provided as to whether they'll feature another season of Models of the Runway or are expanding air time for the design competition. This season has more contestants than usual--seventeen--and tonight I watched all their casting videos and picked my favorites to keep an eye on and my favorites to go home early.

Will I be playing along and designing for Mattel's Model Muse dolls?

Does Barbie have a dream house?

I'm already auditioning my models. In case you think they've just been lying around naked in a wicker box all summer, you should know that some of them have joined together to form an all-model rock band, The Opposite of Math. As for whether or not my own personal muse Summer will return--stay tuned!


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