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Something from the garden

July 24th, 2010 (01:33 am)
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This is one of the plants that appears every year on The Compound without any assistance from us. There used to be a bunch of them in the bed where the herbs are now. This past winter wiped them out. So I was happily surprised to see this one come up in a different flower bed. When you rub the leaves, they have a pungent odor, but the flowers have a sweeter scent.

Clerodendrum bungei, or Cashmere Bouquet.
They get much fatter and fuller. Hopefully by next summer we'll again have a larger population of them.

ETA: Until Mark G. Harris pointed it out, I never noticed the lizard in the flower. When I shot it and even uploaded and cropped it, I was completely focused on the flower. Now I can't STOP seeing him. The lizard is a photo bomber!


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