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Good times

July 27th, 2010 (10:26 am)
currently hearing: Cher--The Way of Love

Jim is here for a few days, always a good time, no matter what we do. He flew in to Houston in the middle of a mighty impressive thunderstorm with flash flooding. So dramatic.

Last night the four of us went to our favorite Montrose restaurant, Barnaby's, then we watched the first two Toy Story movies on DVD in preparation for seeing Toy Story 3 in the theater. I think only Tom had seen the first movie years ago; the rest of us were Toy Story virgins. Many thumbs and some paws up (Pixie may think Pixar is another name for her own brand of magic).

I'm not sure what else is on the agenda, but it'll be something, because when Jim visits, we always have an agenda. Maybe I'll sneak in some Timothy James Beck conversation.

I finished the Work of Art project mentioned in my last post. Here's a photo, and if you want the long explanation and more shots, check out the Work of Art blog. You can also see contributions from other artists, including one from TJB writing partner Timmy!


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