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LJ Runway Monday: And Sew It Begins (PR 8:1)

August 2nd, 2010 (03:32 am)
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Guess what?!? It's a new season of Lifetime's Project Runway! For me, that means a few weeks of stabbing myself with needles, hurling unruly bobbins across the room, and wondering what crazy misfire in my genetic makeup drives me to sew these challenges at 1:6 scale. But sew I will.

In the season opener, the contestants were gathered into a group with their luggage. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn--that's Tim in my user photo with me--told them to remove one wearable item from their suitcases. Most people would think, This probably means I'm about to have to destroy an item of clothing. Let me take out something I can work with but I'm willing to sacrifice. In other words, NOT a thousand dollar pair of Dolce & Gabbana pants.

But I digress. It was a great first episo----mmmbbhft.

Heidi: Welcome to LiveJournal's Runway Monday! I'm Heidi Klum, and this season, I, along with my cohosts Mattel Top Models Barbie and Summer, will be doing the talking. Becks is here to sew, not ramble on and post spoilers for those who haven't seen the previous week's episode.

Barbie: I'll be helping Becks pick her model each week.

Summer: And I'll be her muse. If one of her designs displeases you, it's probably because she didn't listen to me. She's very stubborn.

Heidi: This also provides us the opportunity to model Mattel's Barbie Basics little black dresses. Don't we look great?

Barbie: Yes, we do. And I've chosen a stunning model to wear the first design of this season. She's Collection 001, Model No. 08, but this isn't Star Trek, so her actual name is Maia.

Heidi: To try to adhere to the show's challenge, in which each designer had to hand over an item of his--

Summer: --or her--

Heidi: --own clothing for the person standing next to him--

Summer: --or her--

Heidi: --to use, we asked former LJRM designer Timothy J. Lambert to dig something out of his wardrobe for Becks to use as the basis of her design. She then had a few minutes to pick out any other fabric and notions she needed, and five hours to complete her design.

Summer: Finally, we advised her to choose wisely from the Mattel accessories wall.


Timothy's selection.

Lindsey modeling Timothy's selection.

Heidi: Ready to see what Becks came up with?

Necklace: silver bead on red wire designed by Becks.

Shoes on loan from Timothy J. Lambert, gift of Mark G. Harris.
Purse by Mattel.

See you next time on the runway!

Red and white seersucker fabric from TImothy J. Lambert. Additional fabric from Becks' fabric bins. From Marika: Tim Gunn and ribbon used in waistband of skirt. Maia's name suggested by shorts model Lindsey. Thank you all.
Heidi is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics 01-010.
Barbie is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics 01-008.
Summer is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics 01-009.


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