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August 3rd, 2010 (12:24 am)
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I'm excited because I just bought a piece of art, and I'm looking forward to its arrival. I've also got a piece on hold that I'm buying for a friend's birthday. I can't buy as often or as many pieces as I'd like, but it feels good to support creativity; it provides me or my intended recipient with something unique; and I know how great it feels when people buy my stuff!

Today I was putting some more work on my art pages when I realized that all the paintings I recently added had vanished. My web host must have had some kind of seizure. All is right again, and if you're ever interested in seeing what's new from me, on the left sidebar of my LJ home page, you can see links to One Word Art, True Colors, and a page of my other works.

It's NOT TOO EARLY to pick out holiday presents, you know!

Last week's Work of Art on Bravo was about opposites. I decided to shoot a couple of photographs (and thank you kindly, Kathy S, for being my model!):

(click here to see a larger version on a black background)

"Fists and Palms"

I shot tight fists versus open hands as a metaphor for opposites: stinginess and generosity. People speak of giving without expectation; I think such a quality is almost impossible for us. We clutch, we grasp, we want. We may not ask or expect to be repaid in kind, but we hope, perhaps for love, approval, friendship, gratitude, kindness, companionship, respect.

Often it seems the person who protests the most passionately that he or she gives without expectation most wants or needs repayment. A gift becomes an attempt at emotional leverage, and trust is replaced by fear of loss.

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