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LJ Runway Monday: It's a Party (PR 8:3)

August 15th, 2010 (11:08 pm)

Heidi: On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were asked to create an outfit using party store supplies.

Barbie: Whoa, hold up. I think this is the most fabric I've ever seen on your body, Heidi.

Summer: It doesn't count when it's see-through.

Heidi: Look who's talking, Miss Yellow Fever. We decided to bring a little of the vintage to this week's episode. I'm wearing Mattel's Barbie Nighty Negligee, a matching gown and peignoir set that was in production from 1959 to 1964.

Barbie: My pink dotted Swiss babydoll nightie is from the same period but is probably a Mattel knockoff. No label.

Summer: My Mattel label is where it's supposed to be on my 1964 Sweet Dreams smocked yellow bodice, but my little yellow panties are missing.

Heidi: For the sake of the censors, thank you for finding those white ones. In addition to creating a look from party store supplies, Becks was also asked to create a matching accessory. Here you can see her raw materials:

Barbie: I chose Barbie Basics 001, Model No. 10 to model whatever Becks makes of those materials.

Summer: I think you mean to say you chose Tabitha.

Barbie: [whispers] Have you noticed Tabitha's ears make her look a little like an alien?

Summer: [whispers] Have you noticed someone forgot to bleach half of your hair?

Heidi: Have either of you noticed this is Runway Monday? You can see what Becks did with these raw materials below.

Becks cut the ribbon into irregularly sized and shaped pieces and layered them over a cheesecloth skirt.

The bodice is also formed of layers of ribbon. The waist of the dress is cinched with the pink ribbon folded in a way to take advantage of its silver underside.

Using beads from the party supplies, Becks made an accessory to gather Tabitha's hair into a thick braid.

She also used the beads to embellish the shoes from Mattel's accessories wall.

Barbie: A million dollar look put together with an astounding three dollars.

Summer: And a little sweat, a lot of cutting, and a misfire or two with a hot glue gun.

Heidi: No hazard is too great for fashion. See you all next time on the runway!

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