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LJ Runway Monday: There is an "I" in Team (PR 8:5)

August 29th, 2010 (09:18 pm)

Heidi: On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were divided into teams, then asked to select from several styles and textiles to create a collection of six looks.

Summer: The styles were menswear for women, military, 1950s and ladylike shapes, and minimalism.

Barbie: The textile choices were camel, lace, leopard and cheetah prints, plaid, or gold and other metallics.

Heidi: The show's two teams chose menswear for women in camel, and military in lace.

Barbie: We wanted Becks to do something different from any of the show's designers.

Heidi: Since she already likes to create in 1950s and ladylike shapes, we chose something outside her comfort zone: minimalism.

Barbie: We also requested that she create her minimal looks using metallics. Those two might seem contradictory, but that's what a challenge is all about.

Summer: Speaking of contradictory, we three thoroughly modern dolls decided to go back to Mattel's closet for vintage tonight.

Heidi: Raspberries! I'm wearing Mattel's "Concert in the Park" that was designed for Francie in 1966.

Summer: My look was also designed for Francie in 1966. It's Mattel's "Checkmates."

Barbie: I'm not quite so retro. I'm wearing Mattel's "Barbie Boutique Fashion Avenue Collection" from 1997.

Summer: By the way, Barbs, that outfit includes a pair of black pants. Your dress's skirt is practically above the Mason Dixon line.

Heidi: I'd like to borrow that dress sometime. The fun of the episode was seeing if contrary personalities with different design aesthetics could put together a cohesive collection.

Summer: We figured Becks is contrary enough to create multiple looks without calling in other designers to help her.

Barbie: Plus I picked out six diverse models for her to dress.

Heidi: Let's see what she came up with.

Laura Lee is wearing a pink lamé dress with a lightweight pink swing coat.

Rachel is wearing a gray dupioni silk blouse with a rolled collar and silver metallic pants.

Cassidy's dress is gold and black metallic with gold and black braided straps.

Grace is wearing a silver lamé cocktail dress with silver mesh stockings.

Juliet's green lamé jacket is worn over a shiny snakeskin halter top and pants.

Alexandria's gold patterned gown has a classic one-shoulder design with slight ruching at the waist.

A collection of six looks based on simple silhouettes without embellishments other than the fabrics themselves.

See you next time on the runway!

Shoes are all by Mattel.
Fabric for Laura Lee's coat gift of rain_wolfe.
Gold fabric for Alexandria's dress gift of Lynne.

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