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LJ Runway Monday: You Can Totally Wear That Again (PR 8:6)

September 5th, 2010 (08:58 pm)

Heidi: On the most recent episode of--okay, wait a minute. I know we're supposed to talk about Project Runway and introduce whatever Becks has created this week, but I have to ask: What the HELL are we wearing? She's dressed me before in a peachy-orangey color combo and I warned her then never to do it again. And this--what IS this look?

Summer: I don't know what you're complaining about. At least you don't look like a governess.

Barbie: Has anyone seen my shawl? I fear I've mislaid it and may catch a chill.

Heidi: Zip it, Barbie. We're not in a Jane Austen film.

Summer: Wrong period. These dresses are the result of Becks reading Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre and Villette within weeks of each other.

Barbie: You left out Little Women. Who do you think I look like? Meg? Amy?

Heidi: In that frock? You look like the meadow in Twilight threw up on you. We may have to ban books from the work room if this is what happens.

Summer: Could be worse. She also read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Barbie: Brainzzzzzz.

Heidi: Eep! I guess these dresses aren't so bad. Speaking of bad dresses, that's what the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway was about: Bad Bridesmaid Dresses. The designers met their new models, former bridesmaids who were wearing the fashion abominations inflicted on them by cruel brides.

Summer: Using those dresses and two yards of fabric they were allowed to buy, the designers were told to create more flattering looks for their models.

Barbie: I picked Dinah as the model for this challenge. Let's see how Dinah's dress looked originally.

Summer: Suddenly I'm all right with the governess drag.

Heidi: When we asked Dinah if there was any part of the dress she liked, she told us the color was okay. But she felt the dress made her look like a shapeless blob.

Barbie: She also hated the one-shoulder ruffle.

Tim Gunn: Once the dress was deconstructed, thanks to the bottom ruffle, there was more fabric than one might expect. However, as I warned the designers on the show, the goal isn't to make clothes. It's to make fashion. Can Becks do it?

The bridesmaid dress fabric was used for leggings and a halter top.

The coat of black leather is based on a man's coat with tails.

The halter collar uses the same leather.

The coat is tailored to show off Dinah's curvy body.

See you next time on the runway!

Dinah's boots are the gift of Mark G. Harris.

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