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Canine Labor Day Weekend

September 6th, 2010 (01:12 pm)

The dogs told me I'm past due for an update on them. They're having a good long weekend. Tim isn't here, so Rex and Pixie have been staying with us. They want everyone to know they've been perfect angels.

Pixie and Rex in the Land of Conquered Rope Toys.

The Brides are off doing whatever Ninja Brides do on Labor Day. Something about keeping the beaches safe from oil spills. While they're away, Sugar is staying with us. At home, Sugar is forced to do hard labor, including keeping her blanket securely attached to the sofa, patrolling the garage for palmetto bugs, and letting her moms know when it's four a.m. So while she's here, we allow her to watch countless hours of television.

Rex and Sugar watching Rex-TV.

Because there can never be enough canine happiness at The Compound, I got to have a slumber party in Tim's apartment with his first foster dog, EZ, whose forever dad was away for a night. I offered to paint her nails, but she said she'd rather watch a movie. So we watched The Birdcage, and EZ laughed in all the right places. When it was over, I picked up my Nook to read, but she seemed to be trying to tell me something. So I took her outside, where I could sense she was just humoring me. Once we went back inside, she did this:

EZ settling inside Pixie's crate to let me know it's time for bed.

I gave in and went to bed. We both slept soundly until this morning, when Tom came over to let her out and feed her. Then she took up her perch on the window seat in the bedroom so she could watch the world. In the year she lived with Tim, one of my favorite things was glancing up at that window whenever I was outside to see EZ's happy face looking back at me. After she was adopted, other foster dogs would visit her perch, but no one ever took up residence there until Pixie came. Pixie is so curious that she has to know everything that's going on outside, especially the bad behavior of squirrels and Guinness's hunt and murder of cicadas.

As for Guinness and Margot, here they are displaying their perfect hostess skills:

Happy Labor Day from The Compound!


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