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Some celebrating on September 10

September 11th, 2010 (02:46 am)

September 10 is the birthday of my friend Denece. My father taught me the value of having a Virgo in my life, and Denece and Jim have upheld that tradition. Every year when I think of Denece on her birthday (and send a card that will always get there late, because I have a bad habit of doing that), there are a ton of special things to connect to her. One of the biggest is that she brought yet another Virgo into my life: our dog Margot. Denece is the one who saw Margot's photo on Twyla's Friends and told us about her. Since Margot was about a year old when we adopted her in September of 2000, we gave her my father's birthday (September 16). But I figure she's special enough to celebrate on Denece's birthday, too.

In this photo, Denece is squatting between Timmy and me at a signing for I'm Your Man. The photo, taken by my mother's good friend (and professional photographer) Amber Ratisseau in 2005, is one of a group of photos that are some of my all-time favorites. That was a great signing at Borders with all the TJB writing partners, my mother, and some of our closest friends there.

Happy birthday, Denece, and thanks for all the terrific things you've brought to my life.

As y'all know, Friday night is usually Craft Night at The Compound, when sewing, painting, knitting, sketching, and who knows what else may happen. This week, our Friday was even better because a couple of real babes dropped by.

Lila and Hanley. They colored...

...watched a little TV...

and tried to decide who had the better toys.

I had a blast watching them and hanging out with Lynne, Lindsey, Rhonda, Tim, Tom, and the usual dog suspects. Thanks, all, for a great night.


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