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LJ Runway Monday: What's Mine Is Yours (PR 8:7)

September 12th, 2010 (05:42 pm)

Heidi: On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were split into teams of two. The twist: Each designer had to cut, sew, fit, and style his or her partner's design.

Summer: The challenge was to create a resort look. Since Becks doesn't have any competitors to partner with, I described a look I'd like in resort wear. It was up to her to pick the fabrics and sew it to my specifications.

Barbie: Fortunately, this was another challenge in which I could pick the perfect model: one of Mattel's "On Location" Model Muses from 2007, the stunning Barcelona.

Heidi: You know what else is stunning? That I finally get to wear the shortest dress of the three of us.

Tim Gunn: Why do I suddenly feel as if you're so fine, there's no telling where the money went?

Barbie: Might as well face it: You're addicted to us.

Summer: We're simply irresistible.

Heidi: But is Becks? Let's take a look.

Barcelona wears a sheer, floor-length cover up that's appropriate for a boat deck, a pool deck,
or the lobby of a luxury hotel.

The thigh-high slit up one side shows off summer-toned legs.

Two side snaps make the cover up easily removable.

The strapless bandeau bikini in embroidered bone fabric is barely visible under the cover up.

Silver loop accents add drama to the bikini.

The bikini top unhooks in the back. Don't forget your sunscreen!

See you next time on the runway.

Heidi is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics 01-004.
Summer is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics 01-011.
Barbie is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics 01-012.
Thanks to Timothy J. Lambert for evoking Robert Palmer song lyrics.
Yes, I know those guitars are flipped around, but all those strings were just distracting in the photo, and y'all don't believe these chicks were actually playing, do you?

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