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LJ Runway Monday: There's a Pattern Here (PR 8:10)

October 3rd, 2010 (05:10 pm)

Heidi: On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were sent to the workroom to get their next challenge. First, they were surprised to see that photos of themselves growing up had been loaded onto their HP computers.

Barbie: Then they were told they'd be repeating a challenge from a previous season: They had to create an original fabric look using HP/Intel technology. (Becks' response to that previous season's challenge can be seen here if you're interested.)

Summer: To either inspire or distract them, the show brought in their mothers (or in Christopher's case, his partner) for a day away from the work room.

Barbie: We couldn't bring in relatives for Becks, but we do know the stories behind some of her photos.

Heidi: For example, the photo below was one of her mother's least favorites (Becks got sick later that night and was admitted to the hospital), but we think that even with illness looming, she's fashion forward, wearing Ugg boots long before Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker were born popularized them.

Barbie: Here, Becks shows an early interest in dolls and the color pink, obviously already a candidate for Mattel and me!

Summer: In this one, Becks (far left), having been given a big box of clothes from her grandmother, chooses always-fashionable black. Note the sheer fabric used over the bodice and for the sleeves.

Heidi: Purple! Oddly, Becks has this same hairstyle today.

Barbie: Uh-oh. The hippie season. Long stringy hair, dark circles under the eyes, bellbottoms, and smock tops.

Summer: Instead of doing a close-up of those big fuzzy black house shoes--or subjecting you to the shoulder pad years--how 'bout a couple of little black dresses--and one lady in red?

Heidi: Classy! Can Becks measure up to Mattel this week?

Without access to Intel, Becks started with a pale green fabric, then painted it herself.

Her explanation: "In looking at the photos, I see so many familiar objects and remember the art, music, and books that always surrounded us. I'm also reminded of how often my military family moved. My fabric shows the many roads and paths we took, and how other people, places, and influences were painted into our journey."

For Jillian, Becks first created a jacket with military accents.

The overall look.

The shorts-dress is styled with a pair of turquoise boots.

Without the jacket.

The sleeveless dress has a zipper up the front, a nod to Becks' love of mod fashion.

The perfect design for a girl on the go.

See you next time on the runway!

Heidi is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics No. 01-003.
Barbie is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics Red No. 08.
Summer is wearing Mattel's Barbie Basics No. 01-005.
Jillian's boots are from Mattel Top Model Nikki.

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