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In art is the cure for what ails me

October 10th, 2010 (12:46 am)

March 2011--ETA: An article in the Houston Press questions the business practices of H Gallery. I'm including this link to the article, but letting my LJ entry remain because I think these artists and their work deserve recognition.

Saturday, because I was fighting a pre-migraine, the most productive thing I did was shave my legs. I share this because I know it's the kind of tantalizing information that makes you return to my LiveJournal again and again.

In defiance of physical maladies, I'm always willing to share art. A couple of weeks ago, Tim, Rhonda, Lindsey, and I* went to H Gallery in The Heights for the MIX Group Exhibition that included artist Gilbert Ruiz. The last time I was there, I got to see a couple of Gilbert's paintings hanging. This time there were more, and I took a few shots for you to enjoy.

Composition in Primaries


(View larger version of photo on black.)

From left to right, on wall:
self portrait 2009 no. 2
young heart

On the wire panels:
untitled no. 3
sonic trip

Other works we saw...

This one's by Christian Perkins, but I don't know the title.

Don't Eat The Dead Ones by Christian Perkins. Loved it.

Untitled by Mic McAllister

This may also be a MicMcAllister painting, but I didn't get the title or artist, which is strange, because I really liked it.

Waiting by Ariane Edmundson

Dancers by George Douglas Lee

Wish I had a better photo of this collage. I loved it. I'm making out the name as Todd Bowman's Nature vs. Technology, but I'm not sure that's right.

Chakras by Todd Bowman

Star Light Waltz by Todd Bowman. Tim and I decided this painting and its title remind us of a story that could be written by 'Nathan Burgoine. Get on that, 'Nathan.

Two paintings by A.A. Luna whose titles I don't know.

And a bonus--Posers!

*(Tom didn't join us because he was doing his weekly portioning of the dogs' raw food, which oddly, he's also doing right now as I write this. It's a time-consuming job--four dogs x two meals a day each x seven days a week--oh no, this time you've fallen into a parenthetical math vortex--WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!)


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