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LJ Runway Monday: A Look in the Line (PR 8:11)

October 10th, 2010 (09:02 pm)

Barbie: Wow, we look great in our vintage clothes.

Summer: Right?

Barbie: I'm wearing Mattel, circa 1962. What about you?

Summer: I'm wearing Lynne's Mom, date unknown.

Barbie: I'm not sure I've heard of that label.

Summer: That shows you how exclusive it is. Speaking of labels, on the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, the designers were asked to create a look for a special client's label.

Barbie: Or as some former LJ Runway Monday designer calls it from the safety of Becks' living room, "working in Heidi's sweat shop."

Summer: That's even more applicable for this challenge, because the designers were asked to create a look to be included in Heidi Klum's activewear line. Then they heard the challenge twist: They actually had to create three looks. The designs had to fit in with Heidi's overall collection and use some of the fabric that's part of her existing line.

Barbie: The winning designer's looks will be sold as part of Heidi's line on Unpaid labor!

Summer: Where's Norma Rae when you need her?

Barbie: Making Boniva commercials. Heidi isn't with us, because she'll be on the runway with the other models I picked for this challenge, Neysa and Rocky. Let's see how Becks dressed them.

In her cropped yoga pants and a top that leaves her perfect abs bare, Neysa is ready for a workout.

Styled with an oversized bag that can include her yoga mat, the jersey pants and top give Neysa the freedom of movement she needs for yoga, pilates, dance, tai chi, and other workouts.

Her shoes provide a splash of accent color and will be perfect for dashing to her next exercise class.

As a founding member of the all-girl band The Opposite of Math,
Rocky needs a look that can take her through a full day of activities.

She covers a lot of city blocks going from rehearsals to auditions,
and she wants comfort and style while doing it.

She can even remove the little jacket and tuck it in her purse for a less sporty look
when meeting a music industry executive for happy hour.

Heidi completes this versatile collection with a short jersey dress and shiny leggings.

Ideal for shuttling kids to and from activities, she ties her sneakers to her purse
in case she has time to dart into her sports club for a workout.

Paired with stylish heels, it's a look that can take her anywhere.

Functional, stylish, and within Heidi's color palette:
Becks' designs can easily be integrated into Heidi's activewear line.

See you on!

Purses and shoes from Mattel.
Heidi's leggings and jewelry other than Heidi's earrings from Mattel.
All other apparel made by Becks.

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