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LJ Runway Monday: We're in a New York State of Mind (PR 8:12)

October 18th, 2010 (12:37 am)

Heidi: We've made it to the end of the challenges of this season's Runway Monday. Though there are dust bunnies racing with abandon across the hardwood floors of Becks' house, and The Compound grass has all died again, at least she's managed to produce a record twenty challenge looks this season.

Barbie: Not to mention an additional fifteen looks for us throughout the season.

Summer: Tonight, however, we're dressed in Mattel. Not just so Becks could concentrate on this week's challenge, but because she's working on her final collection.

Heidi: Why? How does she know she'll be picked to show a collection during Fashion Week?

Summer: Maybe because she's the only designer we've got?

Heidi: Oh. Right.

Barbie: I chose tonight's dresses because--

Heidi: They remind everyone that Christmas is right around the corner, and Barbies are a girl's best friend?

Barbie: --because I felt guilty about not using any of the Birthstone Beauties as models this season. So I thought we could at least wear their dresses.

Summer: I'm in May. Heidi's in January. And Barbie's in April. I wonder what this week's runway model will be in?

Heidi: Manhattan. On the most recent episode of Lifetime's Project Runway, Mayor Bloomberg gave the designers the entire city of New York to use as their inspiration.

Summer: Becks chose Midtown, most particularly the majestic Art Deco skyscrapers.

Barbie: She's dressing Esperanza as the Empire State Building?

Heidi: Let's see!

Here are some skyline views Becks considered while creating her design.

Becks chose a fabric that she felt captured her architectural theme.

Esperanza's dress conveys height and reminds us of Becks' fascination with windows.

Sex and the City viewers might also recognize a nod to the shoes Carrie Bradshaw called
"an urban shoe myth."

The cranberry chiffon scarf on Esperanza's bobbed hair, a match to her jersey tights, hints at the era when the Empire State Building was erected and the rich, famous, and notorious partied and slept at the New Yorker Hotel.

We'll see you on the sidewalks of New York!
Or in the super secret location where Becks' final collection will be shot over the next two weeks.

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