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Working out well...for ME

October 23rd, 2010 (09:10 pm)

Friday night, The Brides came over for craft night. I was the only one who crafted (you'll see the result of that in my Sunday night post), but that's okay, because the other reason for getting together was to celebrate their fourth anniversary. Earlier that day, I tried to make a cake, but someone had put a couple of deli pickles in the butter compartment of the refrigerator. The pickle smell had permeated the stick of butter I used, so that batter got thrown out, and I made a second, more successful cake.

Saturday, their anniversary celebration continued with a brunch at Rhonda's parents' house. While there, Rhonda dived into her old toy box and brought something back for me. It's a donation to my collection--one I didn't have before today:

1969 Twist N Turn Barbie, often called "The Marlo" because of her Marlo Thomas That Girl hair flip.

Thank you, Rhonda. You should have anniversaries more often, I think.


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