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Yay for a sense of humor

October 30th, 2010 (03:25 pm)

Jon Stewart, how I must love you. In spite of this headache and its gift of aura (a word that sounds better than the reality: flashing lights that impair vision and leave a person nauseated and disoriented), and even though my limited Internet time over the past few days has been devoted to watching The Office (and season five just ended on a high note, making me long to start season six!), I watched your "Rally to Restore Sanity" on a live feed.

Plenty of high points: witty/funny homemade signs and T-shirts in the crowd, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar--who, by the way, is also a chronic migraine sufferer--dwarfing everyone else on stage (literally a high point!), a guest appearance by R2-D2, good music, sartorial satirist Stephen Colbert, and the sane keynote address from Jon himself. Probably the sound bite most people will hear from his speech: When we amplify everything, we hear nothing.


Sort of related: To show that I also have a sense of humor about myself, and maybe to give Marika a chance to show that WE CAN ALL BE CIVIL NO MATTER WHAT*, I decided to post this autographed photo I stumbled across last night when I was looking for something else.

Signed by Rod Morgenstein, Reb Beach, and Kip Winger when I met them in 1993.

I wonder why Jon Stewart didn't get Winger to perform at "The Rally to Restore Sanity?"

*Nephews: This also applies to you if you see this on Facebook.


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