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LJ Runway Monday: Finale, Part 2 (PR 8:14)

October 31st, 2010 (09:08 pm)

The final episode of Season 8 of Lifetime's Project Runway aired last week, with three designers showing at Fashion Week and the winner announced. Five of five people at The Compound disagreed with the outcome.

Hopefully those of you who've stuck with my dolls throughout this season won't be as disappointed by my results. I was a little miffed during Episode 10, the "make your own fabric" challenge, because that had been my plan all along for my final collection.

First, I painted sixteen 9x18 pieces of unbleached muslin:

I further challenged myself by deciding that I couldn't cut the fabric. I could sew it, but after showing the collection, I wanted to be able to remove the designs from my models, take out all the stitching, and once again have intact paintings. I'm putting my twelve (plus one--the Heidi challenge) looks behind a cut because there are a lot of photos.

From Canvas to Couture: Funky Divas in 3D














See you next year on the runway!

You can see additional photos showing the designs and accessories in greater detail at the video of the collection:

LJRM Final Collection, Fall 2010 v.2 from Becky Cochrane on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mark G. Harris for Tamala's shoes.
Thanks to Timothy J. Lambert for the painting behind the models in the group shot.

Previous designs from this season:

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