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November 18th, 2010 (12:36 am)

I had vowed to post more often in this thing, but my recent Computer Catastrophe took the will right out of me. So I've been spending more time doing other things--especially outside, since our weather is beautiful right now--and lots of reading. When I'm online, I'm trying to re-create what I can of the world I lost with my dead hard drive. I don't realize how much I depend on my bookmarks to navigate my way through Interworld, so I'm trying to find those sites again. And I'm restoring my iTunes library--most of which is still on and can be transferred from my old PC, so I'll just have to throw myself on Apple's mercy for the very little I've purchased since February. Because, dammit, I NEED my Foo Fighters.

Meanwhile, Tom has purchased some crazy-fangled thing that will do our backups FOR US onto an external hard drive. We had an external hard drive for the PC just to avoid a situation like this, but we were a little too complacent about Mac's reputation for NOT FAILING YOU ABYSMALLY AND LOSING A ZILLION PHOTOS. I'm one of those people who needs to learn the BACK IT UP lesson over and over, apparently, or get something that is smarter than I am (a/k/a the crazy-fangled thing).

Weeks ago, I asked what y'all wanted me to post on here, and I've tried to fulfill some of those requests over time. One was a pictorial account of Craft Night. Usually food is involved, but since this past Friday's repast was without great visual appeal--sandwiches along with chips, crackers, dips, and veggie and fruit platters--I doubt it would be very exciting for you to see it.

However, it also included Pegs David Puterbaugh and actual craft kits he and Lindsey bought at Texas Art Supply, so it seemed like a good time for shooting something other than my computer.

I began the night doing sewing repairs on a beautiful little beaded pillow that a Certain Foster Dog whose initials are Penny thought was a toy. No real harm done. Meanwhile...

Lindsey began painting something based on an Amazon review Rhonda shared with us a couple of weeks ago. I'll save that for Lindsey to post about when she finishes it.

David, Rhonda, and Tom began making sock puppets from their kit. And Tim was able to create an entire dog out of what our Dyson vacuumed up before David's arrival. We need to have guests more often to keep this house cleaner.

Puppet One of the Friday Puppets.

The three Puppeteers and their works of staggering genius.

I'm not really sure what's happening here, but don't think Tim is unengaged. He's watching the newly mended pillow, i.e., the Penny magnet, in the study (a/k/a the Lisa Suite).

We waited all night for the cops to bust in and break up Rhonda's "My First Meth Lab."

Then Lindsey introduced us to the Magical World of Shrinky Dinks. Now YOU might know about Shrinky Dinks, but they were a new experience for me. Here are some of our creations:

From upper left to right, part of a star I traced from the official Craft Night Tablecloth, the entire world as created by David, something that started life at my hands as a tomato and ended up as a bedbug, a duck made by Lindsey because, whatever, she's all talented, an Alabama elephant I traced from my favorite drinking glass, Tom's right-winged-dingbat as inspired by an e-mail from our friend Denece, and a fabulous wolf created by guess who, the resident artist, Lindsey.

~~The End~~


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