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Bit by bit

December 9th, 2010 (05:07 pm)

Yesterday when messing with some Christmas lights, I knocked this off a shelf and it cracked in two places.

It's a wand, and I've repaired it, but can I still cast spells with it? Ha! Fooled you. I don't cast spells anyway. Trust me, if I did magic, I know which way this wand would point today. I'm looking at you, Washington.

In other wizard-free news, I have a couple of things decorated. Santa's workshop has reopened for business.

And look! Horses frolicking in the snowy meadow and avoiding ginormous sleigh bells!

This is how I'm displaying my sleigh bells this year. The sleigh reminds me of a little town in Texas called Coventry...

Huh. Maybe I have done magic before.


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