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Who says Christmas is ever over? At least on my LiveJournal.

December 29th, 2010 (05:32 pm)

You can see our tree lights through the door wreath.

All my gifts from near and far ROCK--from craftiness to cookies, gift cards to jewelry, books to bath gels--and I thought I'd share a few.

Of course, there were dolls--these from Tom, though I admit I picked them out myself because they were part of a MASSIVE sale on the Mattel site:

I still don't have the original Ken and Barbie as Kirk and, er, babe, but I like having these current-day versions, especially Spock and Uhura.
She has the Model Muse body and thus may show up dressed in future Becks fashions.

Speaking of fashion, the night we decorated the tree, I wore Christmas socks the way 'Nathan does. Later when I put on my house shoes, Tom noticed the bottoms were wearing out. So he got me new ones, which are so soft and warm and have rubber soles so I won't wear them out so quickly:

Here's a group shot from decorating night, because I never posted one.

A new decoration that I love: this Swarovski crystal stocking sent by my parents-in-law:

Funny Lynne, who always showers me with presents both wonderful and silly, including these:

Speaking of showers... When our gym moved to a new location, they changed the set-up in the locker rooms, and there wasn't a convenient place to set down all the products I take to the shower. Tim found the perfect solution from LL Bean--it not only has a hook to fit on the shower rod, but it has a detachable section with a second hook. And all kinds of mesh pockets and zippered compartments. It's perfect.

Another from Lynne: looks like the Starbucks paper cup, but it's actually a ceramic cup with a plastic lid:

Tom didn't forget to wrap a box of these--because my late mother is no longer here to give them to me:

A couple of Christmases past, my sister gave me this sun mirror. This year, Jim and Bil sent us the piece on the right, which shows the time (4:27) and temperature (57!) on the day I photographed it--not today, which is rainy but about the same temperature:

This year's ugly-pig-that-weird-Becky-will-love from Laura and Jess is a watering can:

Oh, as for the coasters. I bought a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL TREE and loaded it down with CLASSY ORNAMENTS--including the lime slice coasters--for Laura.

Here, she indicates that the feathered horse head tree topper is giving her a Godfather moment:

But she obviously loved it all, as evidenced by this parade of joy put on by her and Lila:

Meanwhile, she and Lynne got their revenge. I now have four other coaster sets to deal with. Two I've inflicted on them in the past, and two new sets:

Possibly my favorite photo from Christmas 2010:


If you own any of the books in the opposite side bar and would like them signed, mail them to:
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Please include three dollars for return postage. Thank you.

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