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Sometime Last Century, No. 1

January 5th, 2011 (03:35 pm)

Sometimes when I'm feeling a little full of myself, I like to think back to the day I took Daniel to a mall to buy a baseball. He kept playing with it and putting it down and generally being a boy. I said, "Keep your hands on that baseball or you'll go off and forget it."

Then I shrieked, "AIIIIIEEEEE," grabbed his arm, and raced back to JC Penney, where I'd left my Canon AE-1 on the shelf in the bathroom stall. Fortunately, some kind soul had turned it in to the office.

Remember the days when you didn't know your photos were crappy/blurry until you got your film developed? Then it was Sorry, sucker, you'll never get that Kodak moment back. Digital cameras: the Ultimate Do-Over Machine.


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