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From a reader with an English teacher inside her brain

January 6th, 2011 (01:23 am)

1. If someone in your past told you to put a comma wherever you'd take a breath in saying something aloud, it was a lie. A comma is not a whimsical punctuation mark for you to use and abandon at will like that moron who had a crush on you in eighth grade. Show some respect!

2. If you put LOL after everything you say online, try reading it aloud and actually laughing out loud. You sound a lot like that moron who had a crush on you in eighth grade, don't you? Saying stuff like, "Your car is really totaled. LOL!" and "Your baby is kind of ugly. LOL!!!!" and "Your dad is cheating on your mom--LOLOL." or "I made microwave popcorn today! LOL!" doesn't actually seem to merit a big ol' laugh-fest. Your message is confusing.

3. Why are so many people suddenly breaking the rules of commas, colons, and a proper lack of punctuation with the random use of question marks? It's weird. I'll bet all those blaring and misplaced question marks get released into the environment where they become hazardous to birds and fish. Just sayin'...

4. However, carry on with the use of the occasional uppercased word or two to STRESS IMPORTANCE. Unless it's followed by a ton of unmerited LOLing.


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