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It's called comfort food for a reason

January 10th, 2011 (04:50 am)

Friday night while we were crafting*, The Brides' potential brunch plans for Saturday were canceled. I suggested that we do brunch here--my sneaky way of getting Tom to make pancakes--and everyone was agreeable.

Saturday while Tom was manning the griddle, Lindsey cooked the OMGdelicious bacon she and Rhonda brought. I was sitting at the computer talking to them when the news hit about the shootings in Arizona. There's really nothing more a person can ask than to be around people who know that a bit of silliness can carry us over some rough moments.

If it looks like a duck...

It's probably not the Twitter bird.

After we ate our pancakes, bacon, and fresh fruit with some coffee, we escaped reality for a while by watching Eclipse. I really didn't mean to make Rhonda watch it; I've been enjoying threatening her with it since early December. Now I have to wait a year before I'll have another one to use against her.

Also, Lindsey and I had a Shoe vs. Shoe moment:

*By crafting, I mean painting, sketching, and the like. I thought I should clarify this lest you think we sit around casting spells and using voodoo dolls. That'll be a different post. ;)


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