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Celebrity Rehab

January 24th, 2011 (07:26 pm)

In the days when I used to work outside my home, I would wonder why anyone who didn't have to would be on the roads, particularly during rush hour. And when it rained--forget about it. So now when we have a dreary, rainy day like Houston is experiencing today, I do commuters and errand-runners a favor and stay home and out of their way. You're welcome.

However, having a pot of soup simmering on the stove, a few warm canine bodies around me, and the sound of the rain outside makes me want to sleeeeeep. But I've been good. Lots of business-type stuff taken care of, then it was--SEWING HOUR! Sewing hour-plus, in fact.

Sometime last summer, when I was in the thrift store from hell, I looked into their bin o' battered Barbies, and found a couple of celebrities. Today seemed like a good day for the two to get baths, shampoos, a blow dry, and some touching-up with the curling iron. Then I dug into a clean stack of worn socks that Tom donated a while back, went to the sewing machine, and VOILA! Celebrity rehab!

Mattel's 1999 Mary-Kate Olsen doll, released when the twins were 13,
and Yaboom/Play Along Toys' Christina Aguilera doll from 2000.

Photo taken in front of an unfinished painting by Timothy J. Lambert.


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