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February 1st, 2011 (06:20 pm)

1. Today I can't seem to stop watching what's going on in Cairo and Alexandria via Al Jazeera. Apparently, this revolution will be televised. I can't say I have any great understanding of the political situation in Egypt; here are the things that have interested me.

  • The Internet can be shut down, but with a press still able to give us reports through journalists in the field and broadcasters, the world gets news. And even without access to the Internet, Egyptians still manage to assemble to protest. They're driving between towns and using their phones to organize, and even when there are no clear leaders, they aren't turning into mobs.

  • The cooperation between the military and the protesters has shifted the atmosphere from violence to orderly protest. I hope that continues.  Meanwhile, average citizens have stepped in where the police have failed to try to return normalcy and security to neighborhoods (there is looting of and damage to businesses).

  • Regular citizens are linking arms to repel intruders who would loot and destroy cultural treasures inside museums. It's moving to see their determination to honor and protect their country's heritage.

2. It's 34 degrees here and I still won't get any sympathy because it's so much colder/icier/snowier everywhere else.

3. Does anyone else think Lauren Conrad and Kate Middleton look like each other?

Lauren Conrad, Reality Princess Past - Kate Middleton, Real Princess Future

4. The Google Art Project is great! Today I've taken virtual tours of the Tate and National Gallery in London.


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