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Some found photos

February 11th, 2011 (03:19 pm)

For the longest time I've been sure I had a day of photos missing (from a 2008 trip). Last night I found them on the laptop and was able to copy them to my current desktop. (They may still be misfiled on my old PC as well. I'm an archivist's nightmare.) That search and recovery was prompted by my wish for a specific Photo Friday shot.

All that reminded me of pulling photos from my old cell before I finalized my phone upgrade earlier this week. In doing so, I discovered a photo taken last August on a Craft Night. Margot had sequestered herself away from the rest of us in a crate (if she goes into Fort Emo under the bed, it's not as effective, since then the rest of us don't get to see how much she suffers). Tim reached into the crate to pet her (so she could pretend to hate the attention), and he fell asleep. I surreptitiously caught the moment with my cell phone. It always took the worst photos; the iPhone can only be an improvement.


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